The Perfect Person

Everyone has an image of a perfect person in their minds. Whether that person be the perfect version of themselves, boy/girlfriends, friends, bosses, parents…. Whoever it is, we idealize a perfect version of a perfect human being who is in someway intimately connected and related to us in our lives. Out of all the qualities a human being can have, what is the one that you hold in the highest regard? In other words, what do you want the most from the person closest to you? 

I want loyalty.
“How much loyalty?” 
As much as it makes me know for sure they have my back no matter what.
“How can someone prove to you that kind of loyalty?” 

Even if everyone in the world spits in my face and calls me a liar–this person doesn’t have even a dust speck of doubt against me that I am saying the truth–and stays by my side with their feet planted firmly on the ground like a tall tree with strong roots.

What top quality does your perfect person have?

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