All Life Seeks Light

I used to swim a lot when I was young around 2nd-5th grade. During one particular summer night, I noticed lots of bugs in the water all swimming in mad unison towards the pool lights. I’m sure you’ve seen this happen many times too. I watched on as these bugs plunged fearlessly one by one into the water towards the light in the pool. At my young age I remember thinking, “Don’t they know not to do that if they want to live?” With this question and so many others in mind, I still found myself being drawn into the sight of these bugs swimming helplessly towards the light and eventually drowning to their death. Something else that also peaked my interest was observing moths in the nighttime flying in a mad dash towards any light source nearby. I remember watching some die from the heat of the bulbs, but it didn’t seem to faze the other moths at all. In fact, it seemed like they didn’t even care or notice!

I remember thinking that these all must’ve been the “dumb bugs” who were meant to die due to their “dumber genes.” (I had just learned about natural selection for the first time in school around then.) I silenced my questions temporarily with that very unsatisfying answer, but the thought and questions still bothered me for years. It was all a big fat WHY? in my mind. It seemed like natural selection was so merciless in eliminating other genes but forgot to eliminate the “stupid” from these bugs.

Why do these bugs seek the light or die trying? I finally gained some satisfying perspective into this when I started exploring the unseen world–the spiritual world with eyes of the Law that governs our universe from behind the scenes. I believe that all living beings on Earth from an energetic perspective have an innate code in their spiritual psyche to seek the light and return to the light where all of our lives originated from. In my spiritual journey, I’ve realized that the essence of who I am on a fundamental level is light. It is only natural for us to seek the very thing that we’re made of. Especially in the midst of darkness, we seek this light even more.

What I learned from these bugs many years later is a great Law of the universe that LIFE SEEKS LIGHT. They are completely unafraid to act on what they already know in their genetic code–to become one with the light and to return to the light. They know by this mysterious instinct to throw their entire physical being in search of becoming one with the light. Bugs don’t have complex thoughts and emotions as we humans do, so I am certain that they are more purely in line with universal principles of nature. It is no mistake that despite millions of years of evolution, these bugs have not yet “learned” through natural selection that flying into the light kills them. Seeking the light isn’t learned–it is innate and cannot be eliminated.

As a spiritual practitioner, these bugs taught me a valuable lesson that I, too, should be ready and willing to throw my entire existence in search of becoming one with this light. I, too, must seek light or die trying. My spiritual teacher once told me to find the answers to all of my life’s existential questions within nature. I finally got a small sense of what he means.

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