Finding Peace in Chaos

There’s a mighty river that flows through Mago Holiday Park in New Zealand. I sat at a meditation spot that sits on the greenest field of grass overlooking the river. Native kawakawa trees, known for their healing properties, surround the field and emit their unique fragrance and their leaves scintillate in the abundant sunlight.

As I sat by the river, I asked my teacher: Great teacher, how do I attain inner peace? 

He said:

Listen to the water. What do you feel? Don’t you feel deep peace from the flowing sound of water? (Yes, I replied) Look closelyit is the chorus of water clashing endlessly with the rocks along its course that is making this peaceful sound. Like this, inner peace is created through endless movement and chaos. A river that creates no sound is a dead river—with stagnant water that is putrefying. Similarly, peace that is gained through the absence of outer stimulation is a dead, false peace. Be wise like the river.

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