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Linda Yoonjin

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I am a native of Los Angeles, CA, and the most annoying question anyone can ask me is “where in LA are you from?” because I’m from the actual city of Los Angeles. I was born in the year of the Earth Snake under the Earth sign of Virgo on day 3.

I’ve lived my whole life believing that I had to act, think, and be a certain way to be accepted as “normal.” Everything I had built up about myself was centered around my obsession to be a fantasized ideal of flawlessly normal. I was really good at playing the game until one day, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake literally rocked my world with its epicenter a few blocks away from my house at 3:33 a.m. on my 23rd birthday. That was the cataclysmic event from the universe that launched my first moment of real, deep honesty that I wanted to be free from myself. It’s been a transformational 3 years and 9 months of soul searching and growth since then, and now that my learnings have incubated enough within to hatch, I finally feel a solid foundation inside of me to speak my truths. It took overwhelming fights, glorious triumphs, tsunami waves of clashes with my own self, devastating losses, tears and tears and more tears, and the biggest heartbreak of my life for me to rip off my shackles and finally step out of fear. Now, I am ready to fly.

areavanta is my brainchild that I created as a gateway to channel my authentic voice and to share intimate moments of my life for the purpose of sparking existential questions and creating answers. Our hearts are wild animals, and I translate the voice of my fiery heart through my fingertips to share with you. I believe that the most powerful weapon on Earth is a heart set on fire, and I also believe that every human being has a duty to live an authentic life without fear. This, to me, is the greatest source of giving back and act of love for yourself and also the world.

I offer you my heart.