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2 Minute Forest Bathing: Shinrin-yoku


Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means “forest bathing,” and the concept is literally what the name translates to–soaking in the energy of the forest with all of your pores to cleanse out the body as if you’re swimming in a giant bathtub of the Earth. It became a popularized term in Japan and South Korea in the 1980’s as a means of preventative medicine for various stress-related ailments. This idea makes a lot of sense as a means of natural “medicine” over there because Japan and South Korea are covered in mountains and forests. Especially South Korea has 70% of it’s entire land as mountains. There’s something so raw and primordial about this concept that really draws me in every time I think about it. I love anything that makes us go back to the origin and become connected to that raw sense of life that still flows in us in 2016 as it has in our Neanderthal days.

So, to do a little nature healing on my own, I hiked into the forest in Sedona and ventured off into the wilderness where the trail had ended. I followed the sounds of water and found myself at a creek with a big rock in the middle of the stream, where I laid down and basked in the desert sun. The birds were chirping, the water was flowing, and the breeze was blowing on my face. There was not a single sound of modern technology around. No sounds of any other human beings either. It was just me and the forest. I captured this fleeting moment in hopes of making time stand still forever. Take a 2 minute break from whatever stress-inducing thing you’re doing and imagine with this sound clip that you’re soaking in a natural bath right now with not a care in the world.

Breathe in, and….ahhhhh…